Gas Fires

Global 70

DRU Global 70XT BF
An elegant and expansive balanced flue gas fire that is designed to be the centrepiece of any living room with its exclusive Truflame Burner® it generates beautiful high flames with an impressive glow.

Global Cavity

DRU Global 55XT Cavity BF
The perfect fireplace solution for homes with no chimney. With its slim depth and perfect log flame effect, created by the unique Global Truflame Burner®, this stunning fire can easily be installed into your home’s cavity wall without losing valuable floor space. With its rear-vented balanced flue, the Global 55XT Cavity BF wall gas fire is the perfect solution for any home.

Global 55

DRU Global 55XT BF
A compact and versatile balanced flue gas fire that will fit a standard 22-inch UK chimney opening or can be installed with a false chimneybreast. Its slimline design frames an impressive log effect fire bed with realistic flames, thanks to the Truflame Burner®. The fire is easy to control with the standard supplied remote control with electronic ignition, thermostat and clock functions.

Global 70

DRU Global 120 Triple BF
Global 120 BF Triple is a contemporary 1.2 metre 3-sided gas fire that casts a warm glow to all corners of the living room. It features inspirational log, stone or anthracite glass fire beds and energy efficiency of 88%. Its capacious glass window suits many locations around the home, such as room dividing walls and room features.

Global 60

DRU Global 60 Triple BF
Global 60 Triple BF is a lovely balanced flue gas fire that is viewed from 3 sides, giving added vision. It offers a choice of smooth black, natural stone or reflective Ceraglass interiors. And with 84% efficiency and electronic remote control, it is the definitive 3 sided gas fire.

Metro 130xtl

DRU Metro 130XTL Eco Wave
Combination of a see-through gas fire and a corner gas fire. With a selection of log or pebble fire beds, it can be installed into an artificial wall so it can be viewed from both sides. It provides both a supply of heat and comfort and also serves as a fascinating structural design feature. Fire bed available in Brown logs, White logs, Grey stones or White stones.

Global 70

DRU Metro 100XT Tunnel Eco Wave
Impressive 3D spectacle with see-through balanced flue gas fire for a room divider or adjoining rooms. The burner spreads the fire in across the entire width and depth of the fire bed, while the extra tall glass window provides a much higher flame picture than that of ordinary gas fires. Fire bed available in Brown logs, White stones, Anthracite glass.

Metro 130XT

DRU Metro 130XT/3 Eco Wave
This sizable panoramic 3-sided model provides an inspiring fire display that can be enjoyed from all sides of the room. It is available with natural logs or Carrara stone fire beds and in either natural gas or LPG versions. It can be installed in homes with or without a chimney and provides warmth, cosiness and 86% efficiency.

Metro 150XT

DRU Metro 150XT Eco Wave
Utmost style and luxury. The Metro 150XT Eco Wave is 1.5 metres wide and features a fire bed of beautiful logs set off by a border of white stones. The interior is in mirrored Ceraglass, creating added visual depth to the flame picture. It has a generous heat output of 10.8 kW with an impressive efficiency rating of 78%, far superior to ordinary gas fires.


DRU Lugo 80/3 Eco Wave
The DRU Lugo 80/3 Eco Wave gas fire is an 80 cms wide 3-sided model, so the impressive log fire display can be viewed from different angles. Lugo gas fires are enhanced by the use of bespoke false chimneybreasts and floating hearths in a selection of colour finishes to suit any kind of décor, resulting in a classy finish.

Maestro 75

DRU Maestro 75 Tall Eco Wave
Modern gas fire with beautiful height with an unique flame picture. The height of the fire and the heat output can be adjusted to your liking. Thanks to its high efficiency, this fireplace is very energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Maestro 75 Tall Eco Wave gives you the choice between two types of interior: ceraglass and matt glass.


DRU Paco Eco Wave
Stylish vertical corner gas fire that can be installed to either side of a chimneybreast or turned into a prominent stand-alone room feature. It is available in either ‘inset’ or ‘outset’ versions, with frame colours of alu-metallic or anthracite. It has a heat output of 5.3 kW and an efficiency rating of 76%.

Reflex 105 Sorrento Gas Fire
The Gazco Reflex 105 Sorrento gas fire offers clean lines and minimal detailing to emphasize the natural stone, available in Graphite Granite or Limestone. All Reflex fires come with a Programmable Thermostatic Control, the Gazco Harmony10 giving you complete control. Ignite and adjust the front and rear flames, along with the brightness of the ambient EmberLight LED fuel bed. Program the fire either thermostatically or with daily scheduling to suit your lifestyle.

Gazco Reflex 75T-2 left facing gas fire

Gazco Reflex 75T-2 left facing gas fire
Gazco Reflex 75T-2 left facing gas fire with EchoFlame Black Glass lining offers stunning flame visuals. These elegantly contemporary gas fires allow for a beautifully bespoke fireplace, whether positioned centrally or in the corner of the room. The two-sided 75T-2 is designed for corner installations and can be selected in either right or left corner versions to suit your home.

Gazco Reflex 75T

Reflex 75T-3 left facing
Gazco Reflex 75T-3 left facing gas fire with Echoflame Black Glass lining. The Gazco Reflex three-sided gas fires panoramic display offers stunning views from any angle, with three sides showing the deep log composition and dancing flames.

Reflex 75T Icon XS
With realistic flames yet and non-reflective glass front, the Reflex 75T gas fire creates an almost unmistakably log burning look. With a heat output of 8.6kW and an efficiency of 75%, this fire can be enjoyed both with and without the heat with the innovative EmberLight LED bed which can be lit on its own for those evenings when it’s too warm for a fire.

Reflex 75T Verve

Reflex 75T Verve XS
The innovative burner technology in the Reflex 75T gas fire, hand painted ceramic logs and the non-reflective glass front, makes this gas a realistic real open-fire. Featuring a subtly curving exterior that can be finished in Graphite or Ivory. The Reflex 75T comes with the Harmony10 remote control to adjust the height and heat of the flames as well as to set a daily or weekly schedule. The fire can also be set to maintain a specific room temperature along with controlling the EmberLight LED bed that can be enjoyed with and without the flames.

Reflex 75T Evoke Steel

Reflex 75T Evoke Steel
Gazco’s Reflex 75T gas fire features three carefully positioned dual burners with ultra-realistic real wood burning flames with the Harmony10 programmable thermostatic remote control to adjust the height and heat of the flames as well as to set a daily or weekly schedule. Fitted with non-reflective glass. The Evoke Steel frame comes in a range of colours to match any interior.

Traditional design with Cast Iron arch with a realistic coal bed and controls concealed behind fret cover. Available in Black Highlight or Fully Polished.

Ascot Fire Basket

Ascot Fire Basket
Fire baskets are handcrafted using traditional materials such as brass, steel, chrome and cast iron. Every model can be adapted to house a coal, driftwood or log-effect gas fire.
Ascot is one size, in a choice of brass or polished iron/steel. Shown with a Chelsea Polished cast front and Pembroke warm white wood mantel.


A stylish glass fronted, high efficiency fire, offering an impressive 84% efficiency. With its widescreen engine, the Chollerton is ideal for larger surrounds of 50″ and above; it is perfectly suited to the Elgin & Hall 50″ Roesia with complementing square edges and provides a panoramic vision of dancing flames. Shown in Chrome with Anthracite profiled edge and Roesia surround in Pearl Stone micro.


Utopia Inset Gas Fire
Mid-depth high efficiency gas fire offering 87% efficiency rating with consequent lower running costs. That’s the result of the glass panel concentrating the radiant heat into the room without sucking in cooler air. This mid-depth edition is the choice for both traditional chimneys and prefabricated flues.
Shown a Devotion trim and an Evita surround in Manila micro marble.

DRU Global 55XT CF conventional flue gas fire with classic log fire display. The extra high 535 mm glass front of this gas fire makes it perfect for installation with the classic ‘Jessica’ customised fire surround.

DRU Global 55XT CF
conventional flue gas fire with classic log fire display. The extra high 535 mm glass front of this gas fire makes it perfect for installation with the classic ‘Jessica’ customised fire surround.

Diablo Gas Fire

DRU Diablo Next Chrome
A classic, 3-sided hanging gas fire mounted directly onto an outside facing wall, with no need for a chimney or false chimney breast. With realistic logs and high, natural flames. It is viewed from 3 sides, making it an attractive feature in any living room.

Faber Clear Gas Fire

Faber Clear Gas Fire
The Clear offers a modern look with frameless built-in options and offers various decorative firebacks and burner possibilities. Can we installed with the fire surround Wirdum 840.

Duet Premium L

Duet Premium L
The Duet Premium L is a 2-sided built-in corner fireplace, either left-sided or right-sided and available in 3 sizes. Shown is the left-sided model.

Respect Premium IC Gas Fire

Respect Premium IC Gas Fire
In most houses, the corner of a room is used relatively less effective, but for a fireplace it could actually be the perfect spot. The Respect IC (Inner Corner) can be installed in any corner. Equipped with a single piece of continuous glass, without any visual seams.

Aspect Premium RD XL Gas Fire

Aspect Premium RD XL Gas Fire
The Faber Aspect Premium RD XL is an imposing 3-sided see-through gas fire to create a surprising atmosphere and offer plenty of architectural possibilities. Choose a decorative set from a combination of logs and kindling, grey grit stone or white Carrara pebbles.

Tempo Inset Gas Fire

Tempo Inset Gas Fire
The Tempo inset gas fire is a sleek, stylish complete black glass front in a choice of either a matt black, polished stainless steel or brushed stainless steel finish.

Designio Inset Gas Fire
The Designio gas fire has a smart finish with clean lines. This inset gas fire exudes contemporary style and is available in versions to suit most homes – even those without a chimney.

Eclipse 100 Verve XS Gas FireEclipse 100 Verve XS Gas Fire For a slightly bolder style choice, the Eclipse Verve XS has a subtly curving 3D form which can be appreciated from all angles. Available in sophisticated Graphite or a choice of striking supplementary colou


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